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Uncorked and Decanted Frank and Maria Bramwell Certified Wine Professionals Kansas City, Missouri

Contact us to plan an Uncorked & Decanted presentation for your group.  Our one-hour programs are both entertaining and educational.  We present programs for luncheon groups, club meetings, and business seminars. Some of our most popular topics include:

The Culinary Institute of America Entertaining/Educational Presentations The History Series The Story of Champagne

Champagne’s famous bubbles were once a winemaker’s nightmare.  We recount the story of how Champagne spun the nightmare into gold.   

Wines at the White House

A comprehensive review of the wines selected and served by the Presidents, with lots of fun anecdotes about what was in and out of favor.  

Jefferson’s Monticello

Jefferson’s beloved home is the heart of the story; however, we also detail his fascination with France and his incredible knowledge of wine.  

The Eisenhower Years

The story of how Mamie Eisenhower came to choose French wines over American wines is not well known. This presentation is a snapshot of 1950’s style and cuisine.    

The Kennedy’s and Camelot

America’s most cherished First Lady, Jackie Kennedy, brought all things French to the White House. Her impeccable style and taste would not soon be forgotten.

The Reagan Years

It was the time to shine for California wine, and the Reagan’s took full advantage of it. The most prolific entertainers at the White House, the Reagans were experts at making protocol and formality look so easy.

The Truman Years

In contrast to nearly all other First Ladies, Mrs. Truman avoided the traditional duties of the role whenever possible.  Her avoidance of the spotlight and her Missouri straight talk made her a memorable, if not unusual, First Lady.  

Wine House Champagne Other Wine Topics Journey Through the History Of Wine

Wine has been a survivor, claiming victory over war, disease, and Prohibition. These events have created a wealth of interesting stories.

Lions, Tigers, Bears and Wine School

A personal review of attending the School of Professional Wine Studies at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley. As the lone Midwesterners at the school, we share the challenging and humbling experience of the sink-or-swim wine program in the heart of California wine country.

Hot Topics of Wine

The wine industry is fast paced, and we like to keep wine enthusiasts up to date on the current trends. So, we’re taking time to tackle topics like: Champagne flutes, red blends, Missouri oak barrels, wine glass shapes, twist-off closures and so much more.